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                                                                            Cultural Entrepreneur

SSECAN Mission and Vision

Our aim is to create a community that represents us in our new
homes, a community that opens the doors for
the communities hosting us to understanding our South Sudanese ways,
customs and culture.

Creating a physical space for the community to meet each other,
share our struggles and search for solutions together. 

A space where we can collect and preserve information and artifacts
related to our ways, customs and culture. 

A place where we can welcome and invite others to share with us the rich flavors of
South Sudan and Equatoria in particular.

A place where we can pass our stories on to the young Dutch
South Sudanese children who are struggling to find their
identity and their place in this society. 

A place for you and for all of us, feel free to reach out and ask how you can be
involved. Your participation is of great importance.

As of now we are searching for volunteering members to
participate in the organisation's board of executives.

We are looking for executive committee


For our youth program we are looking for
young south sudanese to initiate a program
for the youth.
Help organize training and
workshops for the young, help with
community events, participate on behalf of
the South Sudan in national and
international cultural events relating to


SSECAN Community Gatherings every three months

SSECAN Zoom meetings every month

SSECAN monthly Zoom meetings

SSECAN Christmass Gathering


Stichting SSECAN - South Sudan Equatorians Community Association in the Netherlands
Veldm Montgomerylaan 889

KVK: 71854193.
T: +31 040 843 0881

Mobile: +31-6-877 77 937

DONATIONS are welcome

Feel free to contact us for more

1001 Nights at Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam January 13th - Hotelnacht 2018